How to join



You would be seeking admission into a very ancient and honourable Fraternity, and to ensure that only worthy, suitable and qualified men are admitted, the strictest precautions have to be taken.

In the first place it will be necessary for you to find two members of a Lodge who will sponsor your application. Great responsibility rests on these two members, for they must not only be able to satisfy their fellow members that your character, in all its aspects, reaches the very highest standard insisted upon for membership of Freemasonry, but also to help, guide and advise you, especially in the early years of your membership. 

To be able to vouch for your suitability, they must have known you for a reasonable length of time and have observed your general conduct and demeanour. They must also be conversant with your home life, which is of great importance, for unless a man is happy in his home life, he is unlikely to be happy in his Freemasonry. To be able to do this you must be frank and truthful with your sponsors, and they will reciprocate by answering any reasonable questions you might ask to satisfy yourself that, if your application to join is successful, you will indeed find happiness and friendship in our company. 

There are several essential requirements necessary before your application can be considered. Give these matters your serious consideration and, if necessary, you can seek further enlightenment from your sponsors: 

  1. Do you honestly and sincerely believe in the existence of a Supreme Being, whom in English speaking Lodges we recognise as God, the Creator and Preserver of the Universe?
  2. Have you consulted with your wife or partner, and is she in complete agreement with you joining Freemasonry?
  3. Are you both agreed that your membership will not be detrimental to your family life, bearing in mind the financial aspects of a joining fee, annual subscriptions, and donations to charity, and the commitment of time?
  4. Are you willing to commit to attending, as far as is possible every Friday evening, excluding the months of July and August, our lodge meetings.
  5. Have you made a previous application to join a Masonic Lodge? If so, when and where?

If you decide to apply to join us, your sponsors will arrange for you to attend an interview when any questions you may have will be answered as far as possible, and when we will satisfy ourselves that your joining would be appropriate. An application form is then completed by you and your sponsors and submitted to your chosen Lodge, after which it may take some months before you are actually admitted.

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